Marty Haag Grant

Marty Haag Grants for Mid-Career Professional Development

Each year, the Lone Star EMMY Educational Foundation provides up to $4,000 in professional development grants of up to $500 each to mid-career television professionals wishing to develop and upgrade their skills. The grants, two awarded each quarter, are designed to assist with tuition and fees connected to a professional development program, conference or course.


  • Must be current Active or Life Member of the Lone Star EMMY Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
  • Must have been employed in some aspect of the television industry for at least three years.
  • Applicants must submit a resume, application, and a written statement regarding the impact the program is expected to have on the applicant’s skills and career. Extra weight will be given to those with a clear plan on how they would share those skills with others in their organizations. Must also include the amount requested, documentation of the cost, and an organization contact to make arrangements for the funds.
  • Recipients may not re-apply for three years. When they do, they must supply proof that they attended and finished the previous course or program.

PROGRAMS:  Among the range of programs considered acceptable:

  • An accredited college or university:
  • Poynter Institute
    • Poynter has numerous programs for all aspects of broadcast professionals.
    • IRE National Conference & Regional Workshops
    • NICAR Computer Assisted Reporting Bootcamps
  • NPPA:
    • Video Boot Camp
    • Flying Short Course

Other courses considered as well. Information on the course and organization must be supplied and verifiable.


  • The chapter may award two grants each quarter, up to $500 for each grant, no more than $4,000 a year total.
  • Recipients will be chosen by a select, standing statewide panel that meets by phone quarterly.
  • The Chapter will only pay the grant directly to the institution or organization, not to the applicant. Chapter administrator will make arrangements to pay the grant directly to the organization or school.

Marty Haag Grant Application