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2007 Silver Circle Inductee Vern Dailey

Vern Dailey’s first job was as a film processor for the
Eastman Kodak Company. He then spent two years with the
Sixth Armored Division of combat engineers for the United States Army.

Vern joined the WFAA family in December of 1955 and stayed for the
next 41 years. Starting in the film department, he went on to work as a film editor and projectionist. Vern produced and directed numerous
shows for the station including: “Romper Room,” “The Julie Benell
Cooking Show,” “The Murry Cox Farm Show,” Ed Hogan’s “Dialing for Dollars,” Jerry Haynes’ “Dallas Bandstand,” as well as many week-end newscasts and commercials.

Vern co-wrote, directed, designed sets, and created and operated puppets for the popular children’s show, “Mr. Peppermint,” from 1961 until 1969 and for the new, “Peppermint Place,” until 1996. He also directed “News Eight Jr.” and edited film until 1975.

Vern is a much published cartoonist and poet. He illustrated letters from viewers for Mike Shapiro’s, “Let Me Speak to the Manager,” show and is a long time member of Poets of East Texas (P.O.E.T.). Vern is a proud member of the Dallas Songwriter’s Association, where he was recognized as “Songwriter of the Year” three consecutive years. He has received many songwriting awards, and is a two-time first-place winner in American Songwriter Magazine’s lyric contest in Nashville, Tennessee. Vern has six songs covered by independent artist in Nashville, Houston and Austin. He is currently co-writing, with Doug Gabriel, the Doug Gabriel-Roy Clark show in Branson, Missouri. Now working as director for The Van Zandt Community Theater in Wills Point, Texas, Vern has appeared in several of their productions. He keeps Muffin, and other Peppermint puppets, alive on his “KID’S KORNER” page of COUNTY LINE magazine, which covers all of East Texas.

Vern was a two time widower with three children, six grandchildren, and four great grandchildren.