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Chapter Rules & FAQ

The Lone Star EMMY Chapter Excellence in My Market Awards (EMMA) are presented for excellence in television programming and individual craft achievement in the television arts, and will accept EMMA entries from all television markets in Texas, excluding Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

All entries must be broadcast or cablecast for the first time during the period from January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012. No entry may be submitted to another chapter’s awards.  If, in the opinion of the Peer Judging Panel, an entry is submitted in an inappropriate awards category, it will be referred to the Awards Committee which reserves the right to change the category in which any entry is to be
judged; or to disqualify the entry.

Entry in the Lone Star Chapter Emmy Awards gives The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences the right to broadcast, cablecast, or post online winning entries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the EMMAs?

The Lone Star Emmy Chapter pioneered and is proud to offer the Excellence in My Market Awards on behalf of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The EMMAs recognize television excellence produced in those markets ranging in size from Harlingen/Weslaco/Brownsville/McAllen (#87) to Victoria, Texas (#204).

They may not have the extensive resources found in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or Austin, but television professionals in these markets often produce content head and shoulders above that found in the top 10. In recognition of those individual efforts, entries in the 2013 Lone Star EMMAs will be held to the same Standard of Excellence exemplified by the National Television Academy’s Emmy Awards, yet will be judged ONLY by qualified peer-judges from similar-sized television markets in other NATAS chapters.

Entries in the 2013 Excellence in My Market Awards must be originally broadcast between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012. Recipients honored with the Lone Star EMMA Crystal Tower will have their entries submitted at no fee in the 2013 Lone Star EMMY Awards.

What is the Award?

Stunning, custom-designed Lone Star EMMA Crystal Towers engraved with the Emmy image will be awarded to the honored entries. Each winning entry shall receive ONE (1) EMMA Crystal Tower, with the opportunity for those properly listed on the entry form to purchase additional towers engraved with their own name.

May I enter the same material in both the EMMA’s and the traditional EMMYs?

Yes, as long as the entry material meets all the appropriate rules in each Call for Entries. EMMA entries honored with the Lone Star EMMA Crystal Tower which originally aired during the proper Emmy Awards Cycle will automatically advance to the Lone Star EMMY Awards process, at no additional cost.

In the event that a “forwarded” entry IS AWARDED at the EMMY level?

One (1) statuette will be awarded to the primary entrant listed on the EMMA entry form. Those listed on the original entry would be allowed to each purchase ADDITIONAL statuettes, engraved with their own names.

Do I have to be a Lone Star EMMY Chapter member to enter?

NO – You do not have to be a member to enter the EMMAs. For EMMAs – your first entry fee will cover the 2012 membership fees. If you are not a member you MUST fill out a membership form and submit. Please choose to pay by check. It is not necessary to send a check, but this will submit your information for EMMY Express system.

What does it cost to enter?

$50 per name up to a total of eight (8) entrants**

**An unlimited number of names may be added for a charge of $100 per extra entrant.

How do I enter?

Online Entry is the only form of entry. All entry fees must be paid in full by the entry deadline, February 28, 2013. Unpaid entries will be disqualified from the judging process. The Lone Star EMMY Chapter does not accept personal checks. All final payments must be made by Credit Card or Company Check.
The correct fee must accompany each entry.

How do I upload an Entry? After you have submitted your entry you will be brought to the Payment Summary Page. You will find a link to Upload Video, click link. You will also receive an EMMY® Express – Email Copy of EMMY® Entry receipt and the link will be provided at the bottom to upload your video entry. This will bring you to the Welcome to the EMMY® Express Video Upload Process page. Please read and follow the instructions provided:

Video File Upload Requirements:

  • The video file size must not be larger than 500MB.
  • The video width must be 480 or less. Larger width videos will be rejected.
  • Review required specifications for detailed information

What format do I use to upload my entry?  flv – Flash video or mp4 – MPEG-4 H.264 encoding

Step 2: Video File Upload: There is a drop down box giving you the option to select the category. The box below please use the 2 digit number after the category number.
EXAMPLE – 48J-06. 48J is the category, 06 is the entry id#.  Enter your email address that you provided on the entry form. Select Box that you agree to the terms of uploading video.

Step 3: Upload Video:  Select your video from your computer files by Browsing, be sure that you are uploading correct file type. SELECT UPLOAD.  Wait for video to upload, depending on the size of your file it should take a couple of minutes or longer.

Video Encoding In-Progress: Click on the thumbnail, when the status shows “ready”, to play the video. This process will take on average about 2 minutes for each minute of video to complete the 2 encodings but can take considerably longer if the server has a backlog of encoding. A link will appear here when encoding is complete. If it does not, there was an encoding problem. If you decide to wait, a page to monitor the upload will be available (a new tab/page opens in your browser).

Step 4: Complete the Upload: Did the video upload and play properly?
Do you approve this video? Select Approve or Reject and Delete. CLICK FINISH.  If you upload your video more than 3 times or approve it; you will not be able to upload again. Please contact the office at CONTACT US  to have your Video reset to allow you to upload your video entry again. You will receive an email receipt confirming your video upload is completed and confirmed.

I have already submitted my Entry, how do I upload my video? Proceed to the Upload Process and follow the instructions provided above.


Watch a Step-by-Step Video to Upload Entry

Who is a “producer”?

“Producers” are those directly responsible for the content and execution of the material presented in the entry. Anchors, hosts, reporters, writers, photographers, editors, assignment editors, producers, directors and qualified others may qualify as a “producer” if their contributions are significant to the entry’s award-worthiness.

Must I use the title “producer” on my entry?

No. You need not use the actual title “producer” unless it applies. Please use your appropriate credit as related to the entry.

How many people can be listed on an entry?

There is no limit on the number of individuals who may be listed on an entry, but each must pay a separate and appropriate entry fee. If entry exceeds eight (8) entrants, a higher entry fee will be imposed for each additional name. See entry fee structure for details. All entrants must be directly responsible for the entry’s production.

Can we just list the entrant as “Staff”, “News Team” or “Company X”, etc.?

You may NOT list any entrant name as “Staff,” “News Team”, “Company X”, etc.

EMMA Crystal Towers are awarded to individuals, not to their employers, stations or companies. All entries must include the name and production credit for at least one individual.

Can I add nominees later?

Only the individuals listed on the entry form are eligible to become nominees and receive towers or plaques. Names may be added to the entry form up until one week before nominations are announced, subject to appropriate entry fees and late penalties.

ENTRY FORMAT:  (For On-Line Judging)

Depending on the decision of a Chapter, award entries can also be accepted through Emmy® Express for on-line judging. Please follow the Chapter’s on-line rules for downloading entry submissions; along with detailed instructions on how to be certified to be a peer judge, and the individual requirements needed for judging assignments.

May I submit the same work in two places?

You may NOT enter a single, stand-alone piece of work in more than one category. You may enter segments or packages from full-length programs already entered elsewhere, but only if you ARE NOT listed as a “producer” on the full-length program.

Your COMPOSITE ENTRY in a Craft category may include work already entered elsewhere, but only if you ARE listed as a “producer” on the non-craft entry.

Material included as part of a composite entry in the Station Excellence, category may be entered in other categories.

What do you mean by a composite entry?

COMPOSITES: A composite is defined as a sampling of two or more representative segments or elements that convey to a judging panel the scope, breadth, or range of an individual’s talents or of coverage of a special event. The elements within a composite, unless otherwise noted, are to be “as aired” with no internal edits or post production work, such as music or special effects. Demo reels or montages are not allowed. One to two seconds of black between cuts, with no audio or slates, must be added to separate segments within the composite. Unless otherwise noted, a straight lift from a long work may be included as an element of a composite, but there must be no editing of the lift.

What do you mean by Double Dipping?

DOUBLE-DIPPING: The same program or segment may be entered only once in the awards, regardless of the category. Any entry that airs as both a multi-part series and as a full-length program may be entered only once in the competition in either form, regardless of the amount of new material added. A multi-episode program or series may only be entered in one category, not separate categories depending on the content of each episode.

An individual can only be recognized once for performing the same job, utilizing the same program content. For example, a Producer cannot enter the same material as both a full program and then parts of the same entry in the segment category. Nor can they enter the same material in both news and program categories. Craft persons, like writers, photographers, editors, etc., are allowed to enter in programming categories if they directly contributed to the content of the program or segment, and have the permission of the primary producer. If a craft person does enter in a program category, they are prohibited from entering the same piece again in their respective craft category.

The only exception to this rule is when a craft person performs multiple jobs on an entry; for example if they served as photographer and writer on the program. Then, they would be eligible to enter both in photographer and in writing. Under this example they could be recognized twice, as photographer and writer, since those are deemed separate job functions.

What’s the difference between Breaking News and Spot News?

Breaking News:This is the “I am here at the bank robbery and the bullets are flying over my head” story. Preparation limit is unnecessary since it must be simultaneous. May include taped elements.

Spot News: This is the “I am here at the bank where this morning the bullets were flying over my head, and in the 2 hours following the police chased the robber to the state line.” The goal is to extend what was done in the simultaneous report to allow the entry of the longer form report.

What falls under General Assignment?

This is the basic news reporting done day-in day-out by a News Department. This is for the coverage of planned events and done as planned assignments. No time limit entries should be carefully reviewed to insure that these were assigned reports and not pitched or created reports that would fall under Feature or Special Reports.

How do I shorten a full-length program to comply with entry time limits?

Full-length programs may be shortened by taking up to three (3) complete lifts from the program. In other words, a maximum of three edits is permitted to bring longer programs to the time limit. We encourage the use of the synopsis to help judges navigate the entry.

Who gets to keep the EMMA?

Each winning entry shall receive one EMMA Crystal Tower, with the opportunity for those properly listed on the entry form and for whom entry fees were properly paid to purchase additional towers engraved with their own name. Individual recipient(s) will retain possession of the EMMA Crystal Tower, even if an employer pays entry fees.

Can I purchase Duplicate Towers?

Stations, studios and production companies may order a duplicate EMMA Crystal Tower for public display at their place of business (one each; up to a maximum of three per winning entry).

Are there any other rules I should know about?


What’s the deadline?

All entries and checks must be received by Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 3 pm. No late entries will be accepted.

Payment should be delivered or mailed to:

P.O. Box 192393
Dallas, TX 75219

Are there any other rules I should know about?

National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Standard Clauses