Congratulation to all Nominees and Awardees!  Lone Star EMMY Awards turned out to be a spectacular night! Dr. Mae Jemison, Astronaut,  opened the show, honoring the past 45 years and the future of Space.

We got the show completed in four hours, we had numerous first-time awardees, repeat awardees and we made quite an impression on our special guest, David Michaels, Senior Executive Director of the Daytime EMMY Awards.

If you weren’t able to make it, we have the entire show on YouTube thanks to our Executive Producer and Director, Blaine Howerton, Yellow Gal High Definition Video Services.

YouTube – 12th Annual Lone Star EMMY Awards

Here are answers to some of your questions:

I was not able to attend the Awards Show. How do I get my statuette?
Statues were returned to the Award Company after the show and will be re-processed and individually boxed for shipping. Statues not claimed on EMMY night will be shipped to recipients at a cost of $25 per statue.  Please allow up to three weeks for delivery. We will mail your statuette to the address you provide. Please include your name, category and title of entry. Use this link to have your award shipped:

2014 Statuette Shipping and Handling

My name band has a typo or misspelled name, how do I get this corrected?
If there is a misspelling or other issue with your name band engraving on the EMMY statuette, please use the Contact Us form and send a detailed description of the issue. If the original information submitted via EMMY Express was not correct (we will engrave exactly as submitted), and you did not send a correction prior to October 10, there will be a $25 charge for new name bands.

I was nominated, can I get a certificate?
Nomination Certificates will be awarded to all nominees following verification of nomination. Please note that we will be issuing Nomination Certificates by REQUEST ONLY.

Order Nomination Certificate

Other questions we get this time of year:  

Can I purchase a Commemorative EMMY®?
My name wasn’t on the entry but I was a contributor to an EMMY®-awarded piece. Can I buy a statue? Producers, craftpersons and other statue-eligible entrants as listed on the entry form receive the Emmy® statuette, except where noted. Others who work on a nominated or winning entry may order production certificates or plaques.

My station paid the entry fees. Who gets the award?
Emmy® Awards are presented to individuals, not to their employers. Ownership of the Emmy® statuette is retained by the individuals and The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, even if an employer pays entry fees. Stations, studios and production companies may order a commemorative statuette for public display at their place of business (up to a maximum of three per winning entry). The statuette is engraved the same as the actual Emmy® Award, with the word “commemorative” added on the rear of the statuette.

How do I purchase Commemorative Awards?

EMMY Statuettes and Plaques
Please only purchase one award per name at a time to make sure the correct information is gathered to inscribe the award. Please send the exact wording on the Nomination or Award. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Thank you for joining us in Houston this year – we look forward to seeing you next year!