Super Panel Tips

“What Matters” Making the Most of Your EMMY Entry

These tips may sound overly simple, but they reflect the most common problems and suggestions from judges.

Top THREE Tips:

  • Follow the Rules! Judges are given the same Call for Entry guidelines you receive. They know if you didn’t follow the rules.
  • Check your submission for editing glitches and errors before submitting it. Check for transfer errors. Amazingly enough entries are submitted with low audio, no audio, huge glitches or with NOTHING on the video.
  • Write a Description/Synopsis! It gives the judges more information to go on before viewing your video!

Another commonly asked question is: “What goes on the video for Overall Station Excellence?” Again from our Super Panel of 12 judges from across the country and with a very broad background, the following tips:

  • Don’t submit entries for General Excellence with errors – technical or otherwise. Our Super Panel caught misspellings in graphics on entries that were submitted for Overall Excellence. It was an immediate turn off! Have several sets of eyes view the entry prior to submission.
  • Tell us more about your station! The most important piece of the entry puzzle for Special Achievement categories isn’t the video itself it’s the one-page synopsis of the station’s achievements, mission, philosophy, etc. that most impact the judges. The video should SUPPORT this synopsis. Get your best writer to craft this very important one-page summary!
  • Place smaller segments, promos, psa’s, etc. at the beginning of the video rather than starting with the longer pieces. You’re more likely to grab the judges’ attention. Keep in mind that while you are permitted to enter up to 60 minutes, judges are only required to view 25% of long format pieces.
  • Choose to feature truly original works and investigative stories – not something your competitors are trying to duplicate. Show off what YOU do best as a station.
  • Another note, Station Excellence is about, well, Station Excellence. While many of our contributing stations are indeed “news” stations – this category is also meant to honor any station that promotes television excellence. You’ll notice that we also have categories for News Excellence and Community Service. The same tips apply to constructing entries for these categories.


Shorter is better – especially for Craft composite entries or those Program Achievement entries that require more than one example of work. Your work is more likely to be viewed in its entirety instead of judging panels opting to use the 50% viewing rule.

Be creative when choosing a title for your entry. The title you choose is the title that will be engraved on your EMMY nameplate. Your name + Composite does not = creative!

Read the Categories and Rules completely. Then read them again. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the EMMY process before submitting your work.

Category selection is key. Think outside the box.

2014 Lone Star Chapter Emmy Awards Check List

• Check spelling of all entrants’ names and entry titles
• Submit payments
• Deadline is June 9, 2014 at 6 p.m.
• No late entries will be accepted