Video Upload Instructions

With the 2014 LONE STAR EMMA AWARDS Call for Entries deadline is approaching it’s important to keep some things in mind as you finalize your entries. Please take a moment to read these important tips and suggestions.

  • The deadline is to upload your VIDEO FILE is February 28 at 6 p.m. CDT.  All online entry forms and video uploads should be completed by this time.  The entry and video submission process are all online. We will not accept any DVD entries.
  • If you have not already exported your video for upload -or- if you have but are having problems, please stop and read this important step-by-step guide that details the best export process. This will help facilitate a smoother upload process if the video file is optimized. Once you have created the file review your encoded video before proceeding. Do not skip the review step, it will save you trouble later in the process.
  • We have found that Internet Explorer is not the optimal browser for video upload; please use Firefox, Chrome or Safari.
  • EMMY Express does accept most video file types, however, we have found the .mov files are more likely to have audio sync issues.
  • As you prepare to upload, expect heavy server traffic at this point in the game. Take a deep breath and just roll with it. Your own internet connection may also slow this process. Be prepared. Get it started and then walk away if you need to in order to give the process time. Breath some more.
  • Do not reject a video just because it is buffering. This may take extra time. Don’t cancel the process until you are 100% sure you have an actual problem and not just a slow server response. (And whatever you do, don’t hit the ‘back’ button on your browser!)
  • If you get the message you have uploaded too many times use the Contact Us form to alert us. Please do not call. We can answer emails much more quickly and efficiently. Do leave a call back number in case we need to follow up via phone. We answer questions as quickly as possible, but your patience is appreciated.
  • Once the video upload is complete the approval email goes to the entry submitter. If you are working in tandem to expedite your entry process you’ll need to have the submitter forward the approval link for your consideration.