2017 Lone Star Call for Entries


You can Modify any Existing Entry until June 30th

You must pay for entries by June 30th

It’s EMMY® entry time and we have all the information you need to submit your entries. To view or download the 2017 Call for Entries Rulebook, become a Lone Star Chapter member, submit your entries, or upload your videos, click one of the links below.

EMMY® Express – Online Entry Process:
All EMMY® entries must be submitted online. It is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Become a Member, Renew Your Membership or Become a Registered User.
  2. Submit Your Entry Info and Pay the Fee.
  3. Upload & Approve Your Video.

2017 Call for Entries Categories
Please read the categories carefully and consider content first, when choosing an entry point in our 2017 Call for Entries.

NATAS Rules and Standard Clauses
Please read all Rules and Standard Clauses for eligibility information and entry submission.

2017 Call for Entries Rulebook
2017 Rules and FAQs for entry submission that you will need to enter the 2017 Lone Star EMMY® Awards.

“What Matters” Making the Most of Your EMMY Entry
Great recommendations for submitting your entry!

Become a Lone Star Chapter Member
As a Lone Star Chapter member, you can take advantage of our discounted entry fees, as well as our NEW member benefit; if you are nominated then you get one (1) Nominee non-transferable ticket to the 2017Lone Star EMMY Award Show in San Antonio, TX. If you plan on becoming a member, do so before submitting your entry.

ENTER the 2017 Lone Star EMMY® Awards
Submit your entry here.

HOW Do I Upload Your Video

Video Upload
Upload your 2017 Lone Star EMMY® entries. You must submit your entry before uploading your video.

EMMY® Express
The links below will provide you with everything possible that you’ll need to know about EMMY® Express and submitting your entries.

EMMY® Express FAQ
Frequently asked questions regarding EMMY® Express.

Frequently asked questions regarding the entry process.